BOFEEL CO., LTD is developing various products and products through its own research institute, and is striving to develop new technologies and new products in the future through the establishment of a database of owned technologies and a collaborative system with related companies.
(주)보필은 우리나라 ‘노인장기 요양보험’의 시작에서부터 그 발전과정을 함께하며 국내 복지용구 제조분야의 선도기업으로 성장해 왔습니다.
The domestic health insurance system, including "Elderly Long-Term Nursing Care Insurance," provides a social security system for the elderly, the socially disadvantaged. However, the quality of domestic products related to this is somewhat dependent on imported products due to the low technological competitiveness. Therefore, BOFEEL has established a research and development department, and is building a database of related technologies while developing various products. Through this, we are striving to improve our capabilities and develop new technologies and new products.

BOFEEL's R & D department standardizes the design and development of 3D modeling, prototype development, and rental and disinfection related to the welfare equipment rental system to develop welfare equipment and silver industrial products for the elderly and the disabled and other socially vulnerable people. Furthermore, in the course of research and development, we intend to achieve commercialization and dissemination of BOFEEL products by conducting in-depth research and development through grafting of IT technology and fusion of related technologies based on the research content of the human body.
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