BOFEEL CO., LTD was founded in 1974 and is a family company of MS Group based on MS Gas Co., Ltd. Five gas subsidiaries centered on MS Gas have established themselves as the best company in the domestic industrial gas distribution field.
MS Gas Co., Ltd.
MS Gas Co., Ltd. was established in 1974 as a gas manufacturing and distribution company specializing in gas handling, and has established a nationwide distribution network. Leading company leading the high value-added gas industry by providing continuous product R & D and customized service from general high pressure gas (industrial / fuel) to high value-added special gas, medical gas, standard gas, and multi-component mixed gas.
MS Total Gas Co., Ltd.
MS General Gas Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 and handles industrial gas, special gas, mixed gas, medical gas, LPG, etc., and expands the distribution network mainly in the Yeongnam region. MS Total Gas Co., Ltd.strives to become a future-oriented company that grows with the best energy suppliers and customers in the Yeongnam region through gas manufacturing,charging, supply, and facility support.
MS Energy Co., Ltd.
MS Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 and is a TOTAL GAS SERVICE company that charges and manufactures household, industrial, and special gases including LPG. MS Energy Co., Ltd. strives to become a company that prioritizes customer value by providing high-quality gas and customized service with accumulated know-how and technology.
MS Incheon Gas Co., Ltd.
Established in 1997, MS Incheon Gas Co., Ltd. supplies high-pressure gas for industrial, semiconductor, and laboratory use to the Gyeongin region. MS Incheon Gas Co., Ltd. will be the partner of customers who practice unlimited trust, infinite innovation, fulfillment of responsibility,and safety priority by providing the best service based on the network accumulated over 30 years.
MS Materials Co., Ltd.
MS Materials Co., Ltd. has been analyzing the general industrial gas process, display process, fuel cell manufacturing process,nuclear power plant and chemical plant, semiconductor gas process, LED gas process, solar gas process, and medical gas process since its establishment in 2008. It is a company providing a total solution such as qualitative and quantitative analysis of various gases, on-site sampling, and gas process diagnosis.
MS ENG Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1982, MS ENG Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D and production of gas equipment and gas-related plant equipment. Specialized personnel and technology related to gas-related plant facilities, from domestic hydrogen station business entry through localization of hydrogen chargers togas equipment development and manufacturing, thermal power plant denitrification facilities, gas filling plant facilities, and ultra-low temperature tanks (6.3m³ to 20,000m³) production and site installation Holds.
MS Unichem Co., Ltd.
MS Unichem Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and specializes in producing high-tech materials in the next-generation chemical fields such as semiconductor and OLED materials and providing fine chemical solutions. UniChem Co., Ltd. customized semiconductor chemical materials (Si-Precusor / Ti-Precusor / Zr-Precusor), OLED materials (ETL / EBL layers), and UV blocking cosmetic additives such as next-generation D-Ram, Nand-Flash And are expanding business areas.
Foundation Jaegi
Foundation Jaegi is a non-profit foundation established by MS Group with the purpose of supporting re-entrepreneurship of small and medium-sized enterprises that are preparing for a resurgence by Jaegi Small and Medium Business Administration in 2011. Foundation Jaegi will take the lead in helping small and medium-sized enterprises in Korea to make a leap forward by linking the rescheduling education project, rescheduling support project,consulting and exchange business with government agencies, local governments,and guarantee institutions.
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