Mobile Toilet


It is sturdy and foldable for easy storage, and is made of aluminum for long lasting without rust. In addition, the armrest raising function allows comfortable bathing and height adjustment, so it can be used to fit the user's body size.
It is made of aluminum and does not rust and is used for a long time.
Can be used to fit the body size by adjusting the height of the legs
Comfortable seat with good cushioning
The armrests can be raised for a safe and comfortable bath when standing and sitting
Easy cleaning
Easy to remove and clean with detachable toilet bowl
Sturdy folding for easy storage
BFMB-5 video information
Size (chair condition)
540 X 510 X 650 ~ 700mm (4 steps height adjustment)
Size (folded)
540 X 270 X 850 ~ 920mm
6.5 kg
Toilet bowl capacity
Seat height
370 ~ 430mm (4 stage height adjustment)
beyond any values of healthcare